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Imago Couples Therapy

Certified Imago Relationships Therapist

Our partners are supposed to be our best friends but sometimes they may behave like our worst enemies. Ruthie and Joel strongly believe that the vast majority of relationships can be repaired and enhanced through the use of Imago Couples Therapy. This is an evidence-based model of counseling that helps to facilitate healing and growth in committed relationships. By understanding our early relationships, we can analyze our expectations about love and about ourselves, and how we need to treat one another in order to show and experience love.

Imago Therapy helps couples to understand how their expectations and past experiences may be affecting their current relationship, and to use these feelings to inform one another and learn to love differently.”

Prepare & Enrich Program

This online psychometric test produces a computerised assessment of the strengths and the weaknesses of your current relationship as a baseline for relationship development. The issues addressed by the questionnaire include money issues, family expectations, intimacy, in-laws, religious differences, and parenting issues. Based on these results and using a series of exercises, Ruthie or Joel can then work with you on the specific challenges that have been identified, in order to help you strengthen your commitment to one another.

We recommend the Prepare & Enrich Program for couples approaching marriage and also for couples who are experiencing difficulties, because the online test helps to clarify the areas that need work.”

Relationship Coaching

Strategic Intervention Coach

All relationships go through challenging times. Ruthie and Joel are both Advanced Strategic Intervention Relationship Coaches, who can encourage and coach couples to fulfill their dreams and potential within their relationship. Even in cases where only one party is open to coaching, we can help to discuss and resolve conflict.

The goal of Relationship Coaching is to help each party in a relationship to recognise their partner’s universal human needs and start to engage differently, in order to improve communications.”

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